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    Product Information
    Name LED Spinning Wand-Clown
    Item No TM025-108
    Light Modes 1
    Led Colors 1RD 1BL 1GN 1YL
    Batteries 3*AAA
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  • Product Description
  • 1. Our Hand-held Clown Spinner is the greatest party favor or gift for anyone attending your party

    2. Simply press the button and watch the spinning light show begin! Batteries are included and installed.
    3. These Light Up Wands are environmentally friendly, non-toxic and are designed to last for a long time. Easy to use, and absolutely amazing Led Spinner product. Its everything you need when looking for Spinner Toy
    4. Provides a lot of entertainment for kids, an awe strucking moment for them.
    5. The figurines on the top of led spinner can be replaced by tiger, elephant, horse, santa clause, sowman, ball and so on. Also customized is available.
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