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    Product Information
    Name LED Light Up Laser Space Sword With Sound
    Item No TM013-079
    Light Modes /
    Led Colors 2BL 2RD
    Batteries 3xAA
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  • Product Description
  • 1.This Light Saber sword is nearly 28 inches long with blinking LED lights inside the clear tube
    2.Lights shimmer when you swing the sword with a choice of three animated modes.
    3.Great asset for your roll-playing games and parties. A favorite at raves, concerts and parties. Kids go nuts over these.
    4.Help defend peace in the universe with these laser Lightswords ! Use these Lightswords to enhance a galaxy defender costume.
    Not only great for protecting the force, these Swords create massive illumination!
    5.Motion activated by pressing the button on the handle. It comes to all RED when press the button on then wave the laser sword changing to all BLUE and all PINK .
    Three AA Batteries included and installed and they can be replaceable

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