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    Product Information
    Name 28 Inch LED Rainbow Swords
    Item No TM012-082
    Light Modes 3
    Led Colors 4RD 4BL 4GN
    Batteries 3*AAA
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  • Product Description
  • 1.This sword is really cool, because the entire sword, including the handle, lights up with multi-colored LED lights inside.
    2.Lights shimmer when you swing the sword with a choice of three animated modes. 
    3.The blade of the saber is mate white and tapers slightly to the point. The handled is translucent white.
    4.Great asset for your roll-playing games and parties. A favorite at raves, concerts and parties. Everyone will go nuts over these.

    5.This is also one of our more rugged swords, (though not intended for combat.) Great for: Role playing / Martial arts games; Raves - Spin this sword around for amazing effects.; Concerts; Fireworks shows; Any night-time events.  

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